The Skywater Group announces increasing demand for their Skywater Exchange platform, where owners of luxury Real Estate, Jets or Yachts are looking to trade with like minded owners.

“It is quite amazing at the number of people who have interest in this platform” states Larry Morales, founder of the Group and President of Skywater Jets. “We are getting calls from not only Principle owners, such as the call I received last week from an owner who owns several large pieces of real estate in Beverly Hills, priced from $7 million to over $40 million, who is looking to trade for a 100’+ yacht, but also from agents, such as the yacht broker who has a client with an 85′ Ocean Alexander motor yacht looking to trade for real estate”.

With three distinct and autonomous divisions, Skywater Estates, Skywater Yachts and Skywater Jets, the Skywater Group of companies understands the issues involved in each field and is well placed to be able to facilitate such transactions, through their Skywater Exchange site.

Recent requests include an 80′ Azimut motor yacht owner looking to trade for a jet, an owner with various large tracts of land and a couple of islands in Belize, Central America, looking to trade for jets or yachts and an owner of a 118′ motoryacht looking for real estate in USA.