Total Time 7312

Engine 1 346 SNEWw/ TAP ELITE $125 per/hr

Engine 2 346 SNEWw/ TAP ELITE $125 per/hr

Cycles 264


Stallion Mod Including Digital Instrument Gauges

Single Pilot / Longwing Mod

Freon Air

Quick Release Radome Mod

Nose Baggage Pneu-lift Mod

Rear Baggage Mod w/ Ski-tube Extension & Forward Baggage Extension

Wing Spar Mod

New Brakes/Tires

Pilot & C/P 4 point restraint

Pilot & C/P Quick Don O2 Masks

Wing Recognition Lights

Pulse Lights

Cockpit side window sun shades & Rosen Visor System

Complete set of Bruce Covers form Nose to Rear Windows & Wings.

Engine Inlet Covers


Bendix/Honeywell EFIS

Bendix/Honeywell Auto-pilot

Alt Select

Garmin 530’s – 2


Transponders – 2

Standby Gyro


Avidyne MFD with Radar/TCAD/Maps/TAWS/Etc.

Lightning Detection


2005 – Excellent

7 Seat Configuration

Forward Refreshment Center

Alpine CD Sound System





Sierra Com (Meticulous Records)

Full set of Maintenance Manuals

Owner Flown S/P last 16 years

This aircraft was purchased in November 1995, and has been flown as a single pilot, solely by the owner. All maintenance has been performed in a meticulous manner and is up to date. A complete set of all volumes of maintenance manuals are included. Maintenance records are recorded on Sierra-Com and there are two years remaining on the contract. Logs and records are complete.

It has been the experience with this specific aircraft, that when properly operated and maintained, the cost of operation is minimal. The Williams-Rolls Engines are on a TAP Elite program which includes all maintenance, inspections including hot sections and overhaul when due. Aircraft has always been hangared and in the event it remained outside on an overnight trip, it has a complete set of custom covers encasing the nose to tail and both wings.